• 研发定制 Custom development

    每年投入少量资金,研收回新的产品,现在拥有便携式电火花机,大型穿孔机,取超大丝锥,螺栓公用机型,以及数控电火花机,冷焊机等电火花机系列。可以依据客户的需求,定制客户所必要的机型。Every year, we invest a lot of money and develop new products. At present, we have portable EDM machines, large punching machines, ultra-large taps, bolt-specific models, and EDM machines such as CNC EDM machines and cold welding machines. The model that the customer needs can be customized according to the customer's needs.


  • 售前售后维修各品牌机型调养 Maintenance

    山西j9九游会达机器科技有限公司\威易得主动化科技有限公司位于山西中部专业从事:电火机系列得消费,研发,维修,次要有经济型便携式电火花取断丝锥机,高配型便携式电火花取断丝锥机,高速穿孔机,打孔机,精细电火花机。j9九游会具有多年的电火花机取断丝锥机相干产品与办事的贩卖和履历。依附专业的技能,诚信的谋划,和不停创新的精力公司开展敏捷。在开展的同时公司不忘不停总结不停优化为客户的办事,和自始自终[zì shǐ zì zhōng]的热情博得了新老客户的极高评价。Shanxi Bangdeda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.\Weiide Technology is located in the middle of Shanxi. Specialized in: electric light machine series production, research and development, maintenance, mainly economical portable electric spark cutting tap machine, high matching portable electric spark cutting tap Machine, high speed punching machine, punching machine, precision electric spark machine. We have many years of sales and experience in products and services related to EDM machines. With professional technology, honest management, and innovative spirit, the company has developed rapidly. At the same time of development, the company has not forgotten to continuously summarize and optimize its services for customers, and as always, has won the high praise of new and old customers.


  • 电火花机取断螺栓,取断螺丝,取断丝锥钻头上门或来件办事 On-site service

    电火花取断丝锥机取断螺丝螺栓上门维修加工。断在工件内里丝锥钻头螺丝螺栓等,可以利用便携式取断丝锥机取出办理工件报废懊恼。断丝锥,断钻头,断螺丝,断螺栓,加工取出是比力精致的事情。j9九游会有取出操纵专业职员为你办事。假如需方必要以上取断上门或来件加工维修,j9九游会会实时为您布置事情职员已往。The electric spark take-off tap machine takes off the screw bolts and repairs the door. Break the screw bolts and bolts in the workpiece inside the workpiece, you can use the portable take-off tap to remove the troubles of scrapping the workpiece. Broken taps, broken drill bits, broken screws, broken bolts, processing and removal are more delicate work. The company has a removal operation professional to serve you. If the buyer needs to take off the door or come to the processing and repair, we will arrange the staff in time for you.


  • 批量消费/OEM Batch product/OEM

    j9九游会的上风:做为一个专业消费便携式电火花取断丝锥机的工场,j9九游会有信得过的质量,也有客户信任的代价,每道工序都颠末j9九游会严厉的QC职员的查验把关。Our advantage: As a factory specializing in the production of portable EDM tapping machines, we have the quality of trustworthy and the price that customers trust. Each process is checked by our strict QC personnel.



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